V6000 FM Audio Transmitter + RCA cable + 33″ antenna+ Bluetooth Speaker(Bundle Package)

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V6000 FM Audio Transmitter + RCA cable + 33″ antenna+ Bluetooth Speaker(Bundle Package)

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  • Transmit any audio format to all FM radios within your home/office/car.
  • Create your own personal commercial-free radio station within you home, office or car.
  • Works with PC/MAC: Transmit from your desktop or notebook computer. No drivers needed.
  • Use PC speakers and transmit at the same time using included Y-port adapter.
  • Works with virtually any device: iPod, MP3 player, CD player, PDA, DVD player,
        Notebook/Desktop PC/MAC and more…
  • Broadcast from any audio format source: MP3, MP4, WMA, WAV, AAC, internet streaming
        audio, internet radio, CD audio, DVD audio, etc.
  • Versatile 4-way power feature: PC/MAC USB power, (2) AAA batteries, 12/24V car power,100-
        240V A/C power. All cables and power accessories are included. Batteries not included.
  • PLL Synthesized: Digitally tuned for extra stable transmission
  • No frequency drifting – No retuning necessary.


V6000 Features:

  • LCD display: Indicates – transmit frequency, power setting, memory indicator.
  • User adjustable frequency range:  User adjustable 200 frequency range from 88 – 108MHz.
  • Interchangeable External antenna:  Removable, interchangeable with SMA connector. A 17 inch
    telescoping antenna is included.
  • User adjustable transmit range/power up to 450 feet:  Two-button user adjustable from 0 to
        200mW. Transmit range is up to 450 feet (up to150 meters).
  • Microphone input option: Allows user to plug in standard 3.5mm microphone to transmit voice
        or voice over audio.
  • Memory function: Allows user to save frequency and power setting. Four memory buttons are
        included allowing four different display settings to be saved.
  • 4-way power: Unit may be powered via (2)AAA batteries, USB, AC or car power, all power accessories are included*.
  • Removable unit stand: Allows unit to be easily converted from desktop to portable use.

Many uses include:

  • Mobile audio Jukebox: Transmit your audio from your notebook computer or MP3 player to your car?s FM receiver or any FM radio.
  • Personal FM radio station for your party: Transmit any audio format from your home computer, iPod or any MP3 player to all FM radios in your home, you pick the commercial-free play-list and PAY NO MONTHLY FEES.
  • MP3/MP4 Player: Listen to your MP3/MP4 player audio through any FM radio receiver throughout your home, office or car.
  • Customized audio for your office or business: Transmit your favorite audio or internet streaming audio throughout your office for you and your co-workers.
  • Satellite Radio: Transmit any audio from your satellite radio receiver to your to all FM receivers within your home or office.(*special cable or digital audio converter adapter may be required, sold separately)
  • Home Theater audio: Transmit any audio from your computer or DVD player to all FM receivers within range. (*special cable or digital audio converter adapter may be required, sold separately)
  • Wireless P.A.: Transmit live voice, or voice over audio or pre-recorded audio to all FM receivers within range. Perfect for indoor/outdoor tours, real estate promotions, business promotion, church translation services, live auction, etc….
  • Internet radio: Transmit your favorite internet streaming radio station to your personal FM radio receiver or FM headset.
  • Business / Real estate talking sign: Promote your home listing or business to potential clients who drive by. Use voice or any pre-recorded message when connected to standard audio player or MP3 player.
  • Private listening: Transmit your favorite audio from you computer or TV to any FM receiver headset without disturbing anyone.
  • Car PC audio: Transmit all audio from your car PC (carputer) to your car’s built-in FM receiver without complicated wiring.

V6000 FM Audio transmitter technical specifications* :

  • Dimensions: 63mm (W) X 93mm (H) X 16mm (D)
  • Weight: 100g
  • Frequencies: 88-108 MHz (200 frequencies)
  • Power requirement: 5V
  • Operating current: 80mA
  • Transmit power: up to 200 mW
  • Transmit range: up to 150 meters (492 ft.)*
  • Frequency response: 20HZ – 15KHZ
  • Operating range: up to 150 meters (492 feet)
  • S/N ratio: 70dB
  • Input signal: Stereo
  • Output transmit signal: Mono
  • Operating temperature: 0 ~ 45 degrees Celsius (or) 32 ~ 113 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Power source: 100-240V A/C (or) (2) AAA batteries (or) USB (or) 12-24V Car power
  • Audio performance: (% of distortion) (less than 0.3%)
  • Frequency stability: +/-100kHz
  • Output impedance: 75 ohms
  • Harmonic rejection: <30dB
  • Spurious rejection: <23dB
  • Audio processing limiter, Pre-emphasis: (50uS)
  • Output antenna connector: SMA
  • Buttons: Frequency (+), Frequency(-), Power, Memory 1, Memory 2, Memory 3, Memory 4,
    Transmit range (+), Transmit range (-)
  • Input/output ports: SMA antenna connector, audio input (3.5mm), Microphone input (3.5mm),
  • Display and indicators: LCD displays: transmit frequency, operating current, memory
    status. Side blue LED indicates power button is in ON position.


Mobile Black Box V6000 Bundle Package includes*:

BUNDLE ITEM #1: ($229 value)

  • V6000 FM transmitter
  • (3.5mm) 1/8″ audio cable (5 ft.)
  • USB power cable (5 ft.)
  • (3.5mm) 1/8″ audio Y-port splitter cable
  • 12-24V DUAL PORT USB car power adapter
  • 100-240V AC power adapter (Worldwide compatible voltage) (AC adapter available for: USA, Canada, UK, EU)
  • 17″ Telescoping antenna
  • Instruction manual

BUNDLE ITEM #2:  ($34.95 value)

  • 33″ antenna, 10ft. cable and magnetic base (R2200).

BUNDLE ITEM # 3:  ($14.95 value)

  • 3.5mm to RCA audio adapter cable with volume control dial (VCAB-45) (not pictured).

BUNDLE ITEM # 4: ($59 value)

  • Mobile Black Box Bluetooth speaker and Media Player

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